Hazard Mitigation Funding in Louisiana

Project Title: 

Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Evaluation of Mitigation Effectiveness in Reducing Natural Hazard Damage and Loss

Led by Dr. Carol Friedland at Louisiana State University, together with Bob Rohli and Kris Mecholsky along with Dr. Andrew Joyner at East Tennee State University, Dr. Gall is analyzing and evaluating past disaster losses, recovery costs and hazard mitigation expenditures in the State of Louisiana.

The goal of this project is to determine the economic benefit of hazard mitigation projects.  The methodology includes quantification of avoided losses, calculation of loss-avoidance-ratios (LARs) considering performance of mitigation measures for multiple scenarios, and an analysis of the spatiotemporal relationship between direct losses and mitigation spending. The findings are anticipated to assess project impacts, identify gaps in hazard mitigation as well as parishes in need of mitigation projects, and suggest future mitigation priorities.

Project Period:
March 2015 - February 2018


 Gall, Melanie, and Carol J. Friedland.

Funder: Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness