Study: Measuring Community Resilience

Dr. Gall is serving as committee member for the National Academies' consensus study on measuring community resilience.

The ad hoc committee is conducting a study on effective ways to measure the resilience of a community to natural hazards and other disruptions. The report will identify knowledge gaps, research directions, and approaches that could be useful to a range of communities, including the Gulf Research Program’s efforts to support the development of healthy and resilient coastal communities. Specifically, the committee will:  

  • Document similarities and differences among approaches used by federal agencies and other organizations to measure resilience;
  • Describe the methodologies used for quantitative and qualitative data collection and data analysis;
  • Examine measurement work underway by organizations such as the  Zurich Foundation, Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities, The Nature Conservancy, NOAA, NIST, FEMA, federal cross-agency groups, or others, and
  • Comment on their different approaches, as well as
  • Identify common challenges or research needs related to measuring resilience; and 
  • Discuss applications for these or other approaches at the community level.
  • Confer with community leaders and decision makers who have implemented resilience measures about the approaches, challenges, or successes they have encountered in measuring resilience in their respective communities; and 
  • Provide findings and recommendations on common approaches to measuring resilience that have shown success, ways to overcome the challenges of measuring resilience, and key issues for future programs to consider in measuring the resilience of a community.  

The committee will produce a consensus report presenting effective options for measuring resilience at the community level.

Committee Chairs:

  • Adm. Thad Allen (Booz Allen Hamilton)
  • Dr. Gerald E. Galloway (University of Maryland, College Park)

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Michael Beck (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Dr. Anita Chandra (RAND Corporation)
  • Erin Coryell (Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies)
  • Dr. Susan L. Cutter (University of South Carolina)
  • Dr. Ann-Margaret Esnard (Georgia State University)
  • Dr. Howard Frumkin (University of Washington)
  • Dr. Melanie Gall (Arizona State University)
  • Dr. Maureen Lichtveld (Tulane University)
  • Dr. Carlos Martin (The Urban Institute)
  • Chris Poland (Chris D. Poland Consutling Engineer)
  • Dr. Liesel Ritchie (Oklahoma State University)
  • Dr. Kathryn Sullivan (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)

Project Staff:

  • Dr. Lauren Alexander Augustine
  • Dr. Charlene Miliken
  • Jamie Bigelow

Consensus Study Report: