1. Yearly Summary of U.S. Hazard Losses
  2. Mapping SHELDUS™ (download .shp)
  3. Connecting losses with social vulnerability.

1. U.S. Hazard Losses
The yearly summary of U.S. HAZARD LOSSES shows the spatial and temporal distribution of losses. It includes a cumulative timeline for losses since 1960, highlights the 15 most costly years in US disaster history, identifies the most destructive hazard types, and more.

SHELDUS v19 Summary of losses, 1960-2019: PDF download

Available yearly summaries (in pdf format):    2016, 20152014201320122011201020092008200720062005














2. Mapping SHELDUS™ data
Please download .shp files (for ArcView, ArcGIS) that represent counties and their FIPS codes at 6 different times:  196019701980,19902000, and 2010.


3. Social Vulnerability data

Please visit Vulnerability Map (VMAP) for data at county and sub-county levels.