HDxCC Events

July 22, 2020: All Together Now: Opportunities for Arizona Cities in County All Hazard Mitigation Planning (via Zoom)

February 27, 2019: Preparedness & Response: Whole Community Approach at Wrighley Hall in Tempe, AZ.

March 18, 2019: Recovery & Mitigation at Wrighley Hall in Tempe, AZ.

April 16, 2019: Emergency Management, Sustainability & Resilience at Wrighley Hall in Tempe, AZ.


HDxCC: Hazards and Disasters xChange Collaboratory

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Looking for students to complete an applied emergency management or homeland security project? 

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In our Hazards and Disasters XChange Collaboratory (HDxCC), students, practitioners, and academics co-develop creative solutions to common and new challenges in the emergency management and homeland security arena. The HDxCC encourages experimental, empirical as well as applied thinking. The goal of the collaboratory is not just to transfer research into practice but to foster cyclical thinking where practice informs research as much as research contributes to practice. We foresee the RMC to be an accelerator for best practices in the EMHS world while ensuring these practices are grounded in evidence.

The HDxCC offers work space that draws on all of ASU's extensive computing and communication technologies providing access to shared instrumens, data, colleagues and best of all--creative thinking. Collaboration techniques such as facilitation, brainstorming, face-to-face workshops, and informal communcation are key to creating new approaches and strategies.

We  happily support distributed and asynchronous collaboratories through online collaboration tools for project management (Trello, Basecamp), brainstorming/facilitation (IdeaBoardz, Slack, etc.) and communication (G suite, TeamViewer, Zoom, etc.).

Contact us if you want to innovate, conduct experiments to evualate and improve systems and processes, communicate lessons learned, or simply want to participate in collaborative science.

Let's influence and transform how things are done!