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What we are up to:

January 15, 2021: AZ VOAD General Meeting

October 15-17, 2020: Fall Workshop for fellows of the Bill Anderson Fund (virtual), Workshop program is HERE.

October 22-23, 2020: Workshop on methods for assessing the costs of floods, Commission for Environmental Cooperation 


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What we focus on:

What we focus on:

  1. Risk Management Collaboratory 
  2. Cross-sector Relationships & Operations
  3. Risk and Threat Management
  4. Transformative Risk Reduction Strategies
  5. Disaster Analytics
  6. Hazards Governance

Latest Publication:

Latest Publication:


Xiang, Tianyi, Brian Gerber, and Fengxiu Zhang. 2021. Language access in emergency and disaster preparedness: An assessment of local government “whole community” efforts in the United States. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

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New Project:

New Project:

The New First Line of Defense

To make informed decisions about where to live and how to protect housing investments, residents require knowledge about potential natural hazard exposure and impacts along with available mitigation strategies.  This project aims to advance community resilience by improving people’s understanding of risks and their willingness to undertake hazard mitigation when choosing where they live.  The project team will work with communities throughout the Gulf region to test strategies for dissemination and uptake of information on disaster risk and mitigation alternatives. The ultimate goal is to identify practices most likely to result in residents taking actions to reduce risk and increase resilience.

Project Period: September - August 2022


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