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April 16-20, 2024: Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Honolulu, HI 

December 11-15, 2023: Fall Conference of the American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA

September 25, 2023: Podcast with Joe Wiesenthal and Tracy Alloway on the connection between homeowner's insurance and disasters (Bloomberg's Odd Lots)

July 9-13, 2023: 48th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop & National Hazard Mitigation Association Practitioner Workshop, Broomfield, CO

April 24-28, 2023: Connect4Resilience Workshop, Zurich, Switzerland

December 5-8, 2022: USSOCOM Training, Tempe, AZ

New Publication: The role of compound climate and weather extreme events in creating socio-economic impacts in South Florida Read more
Podcast: Connecting Homeowner's Insurance and Disasters Listen now

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