Transdisciplinary discovery and practice

Knowledge, risk reduction practices, community development, and sustainability


The Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security (CEMHS) is a university-wide interdisciplinary hub for the research and practice of emergency management and homeland security. The Center's work addresses ongoing risk reduction challenges characterized by complex social, economic environmental, cultural, and technological interdependencies and conflicting objectives. Through projects, education and outreach CEMHS engages critical communities of practice, such as planning, community development, governance, defense, human welfare, and climate change adaptation.  CEMHS strives to actively support the vision and mission of Arizona State University and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, including access and inclusiveness in education, the pursuit of excellence and innovation, and promote impact and social embeddedness.

Our Mission

An emergency management and homeland security landscape transformed through transdisciplinary discovery and practice, in which knowledge, risk reduction, community development and sustainability operate collaboratively to reduce risks and vulnerabilities and adapt communities to new “normals.” Impart a deeper understanding of practices in the emergency management and homeland security professional domains and address current and future challenges through immersion, residencies, public events, as well as scholarly and applied research.

Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security

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