CEMHS is seeking PhD students in emergency management and homeland security, public administration, and related fields with a primary interest in disaster risk reduction.  Students will work on one or more funded research projects related to disaster losses, risk reduction policies, hazard mitigation planning, and more. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Melanie Gall or Dr. Brian Gerber, co-directors of CEMHS to discuss research interests.

We support PhD students with an interest in a traditional academic career as well as public or private sector careers. The disciplinary background is open but the successful candidate must have a strong interests in academic research and publishing. Our PhD students collaborate with ASU faculty and postdocs, manage research projects, present at national conferences, write policy documents, and publish in academic journals.

To apply for the PhD in Public Administration and Policy, go to the how to apply section of the ASU School of Public Affairs site.

Make sure to learn about our partnership with the Bill Anderson Fund, which has the goal of increasing diversity and representation within the academy and the emergency management and homeland security enterprise by supporting PhD students studying hazards-and disaster-related topics.