Internal Resources

Being a student at ASU you have access to multiple different job finding websites. As a student you have access to ASU Handshake, and ASU On-Campus Student Job Portal. Aside from checking these student job portals, we want our students to be prepared to have the appropriate documents to enter the job market. By making appointments with career advisors to go over resumes, setting up career interests, and to answer any questions students have regarding the job market
ASU Handshake: It is a job portal site for students to look for prospective careers and internships that ASU has found. It alsoprovides students with professional development: resume building, scheduling on campus interviews for internships and jobs, and meeting with advisors to discuss career interests. 
School of Public Affairs: At the School of Public Affairs we strive for our students professional development. We suggest that students start building their resumes and start looking for possible internships to prepare for. It is never too late to start preparing for your future!!
ASU Student Employment -  This job portal site, allows the university to submit jobs that are available to students on campus. ASU students have access to see different job openings the university offers students, and apply to any university job that interest them. 
ASU Criminology and Criminal Justice Study Program:   Intensive, 17-day program program studying counter-terrorism, intelligence-gathering, suicide bomber interdiction, emergency management/response. Program includes intelligence briefings, on-site visits, lecture presentations, and group activities in Jerusalem and around Israel.