Disaster Science for Sustainability Transition

The Disaster Science for Sustainability Transition (DS4ST) initiative is faculty-led designed to forward the integration of disaster risk management and sustainability transformation through a program of education, transdisciplinary research, and community engagement.


The Disaster Science for Sustainability Transitions initiative envisions a world in which extremes and shocks to our social, environmental and technical systems are appropriately anticipated as part of ongoing efforts to improve the sustainability of our society; the potential for social and environmental harm of such events is substantially mitigated through deep, socially engaged investments in enhanced societal resilience; and the response and recovery from such events are viewed as opportunities for accelerated sustainable transformation. 


The Disaster Science for Sustainability Transitions initiative conducts research and educates students and professionals in linking short-term emergency management with long-term risk-informed sustainable development to transform our future.

Related Projects and Activities

Gilbertson, P., Brundiers, K., & B. Kay (2019). A Community Resilience Approach to Emergency Management. Report prepared for the City of Tempe, AZ, USA.

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