Connect4Resilience Network


May 26-27, 2023: Scientific Kick-off Event

Organizer: Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
Pia Hollenbach
Monika Götzö


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Introduction, presentation of past work, current passions, and future ideas/visions within the overall theme of the Connect4Resilience network 
  2. Identification of thematic areas that are of common interest for people forming working groups within the Connect4Resilience network 
  3. Development of synergies in expriences and planning for future activities, project, policy-briefs, talks, academic publications, etc. 
  4. Continuation of activities and sustainability of network (organize bi-yearly meetings, mix of online/offline exchanges, etc.) 

Meeting Agenda

Site Visits:
Treffpunkt City (homelessness)
sip züri (drug use)
Flora Dora (sex work)