Evaluation Services for Feeding America

Evaluation Services for Feeding America

Make a Plan: Get the Tools you need!

The web-based tool developed for Feeding America visualizes and maps local hazards, social vulnerability and community resilience. The tool also includes a list of customizable planning elements based on a food bank's capacity and operational maturity level such as template language for plan elements that can be easily integrated into a food bank's disaster preparedness plan.

The Workplace Action Resiliency Planning (WRAP) tool allows food banks to

  • Learn about the value and challenges associated with keeping food banks up and running.
  • Research a food bank's local hazard exposure.
  • Use the interactive mapping tool to examine local conditions.
  • Determine the planning tier that a food bank is in.
  • Utilize the resources, templates and forms for each planning element and integrate them into plans.
  • Find additional resources such as  local state and county hazard mitigation plan.

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Report: Gall, M., N. Campbell, L. Ritchie, and S. L. Cutter (2017). Disaster Planning for Food Banks.


Project Team:  

  • Liesel Ritchie, Virginia Tech
  • Nnenia Campbell, Bill Anderson Foundation and Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Jamie Vickery, University of Washington and Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Susan L. Cutter, University of South Carolina
  • Melanie Gall, Arizona State University

In collaboraton with: Feeding America