Innovation for Security, Resilience, and Sustainable Operations

ASU Research Team:

  • Dr. David White (Principal Investigator, GIOSI)
  • Dr. Melanie Gall (co-Principal Investigator, CEMHS)
  • Dr. Brian Gerber (co-Principal Investigator, CEMHS)
  • Dr. Mounir El Asmar (co-Principal Investigator, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment)
  • Philip Horton (co-Principal Investigator, The Design School)
  • Dr. Marc Neveu (co-Principal Investigator, The Design School)
  • Dr. David Sailor (co-Principal Investigator, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning)
  • Alexi Vogel (CEMHS)
  • Yilei Yu (CEMHS)


Study Period: September 2021 - June 2022

Funder: The United States Department of State

Department of State